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Stop Euthanasia in Bakersfield

Animal euthanasia in the Kern County area remains a troubling reality. The numbers tell us that nearly half of all the animals housed in shelters in our area will be euthanized. The great majority of these animals are neglected or abused orphans who want nothing more than a new home.

The Hill Agencies is launching an ongoing campaign to help ensure all the animals in the Bakersfield region have a chance to enjoy the same things all of us want – a happy home and a loving family.

Ambassadors for Animal Protection

Our team is now a recognized Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange network, a national group of agencies that work to promote a broad range of worthwhile causes. Our goals during this campaign will be to make sure every animal sheltered in the Bakersfield community receives access to veterinary care and is placed in a new adoptive home rather than euthanized. We will also be supporting outreach programs to promote responsible pet care as well as spaying and neutering.

There is a great deal to do, and we’re going to need help throughout this campaign.

Help Us Safeguard Animals

This is where you come in. You can be part of this effort, and it won’t cost you a dime. All we need is for you to help share this cause with your friends, neighbors, and co-workers by inviting them in to visit the Hill Agencies team. We will happily provide them with a free policy consultation, and then we will issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to a regional initiative supporting anti-euthanasia efforts and responsible pet guardianship.

Join the Hill Agencies Today!

This is your opportunity to make a lasting difference in how pets are treated in the Bakersfield community. Join us, and let’s make sure all the animals in our area are able to find new homes.


Rob Hill

The Hill Agencies

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